About the Forum


In which the "e-Learning horizons" forum will be a window to the academic community of the founder's University, emphasizing the best practices in the e-Learning system.


The mission of the" e-Learning horizons" forum lies in building an academic community that is involved in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the e-Learning field, particularly in order to provide quality and various learning opportunities for students of public and higher education in Saudi Arabia.

Goals of Holding the "e-Learning Horizons" Forum

  • Raising the efficiency of faculty members in e-Learning and distance education applications.
  • Achieve quality and performance standards in e-Learning and distance education according to international best practices.
  • Enhancing the community's trust in the outputs of distance education and e- Learning that is offered by the university.
  • Achieve a quantum leap in scientific researches that are related to the e-Learning field.

Last Update
12/21/2015 1:50:55 PM